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Jelte Heringa


Utrecht, Netherlands

Instruments / musical capabilities

Piano, harmonium, electronics, synthesizers and lots of other keyboards, a little trumpet and singing. Composing and arranging.


Pop, Rock, Classical, Avant-garde. Music for theatre, music for film. Totally electronic, completely acoustic and everything in between.


June 1st 1982, Nijmegen


Started playing piano at the age of 6. Refused to read notes the first few years and preferred to discover his own tunes. Learned to play the trumpet at the age of 13 and at 18 was accepted to the conservatory of music in Utrecht to study composition. From then on he started collecting everything and anything with keys.
Some trivia:
Wrote music for Orkest de Volharding, Rosa Ensemble and Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, to name a few.
Performed in Oresteia by the Nationale Toneel and a lot of other plays at festivals, such as Oerol and De Parade.
Is a member of and performs with Durk Attaturk, Most Unpleasant Men, Chop Wood and Neonbelle.
Has been on stage in The Netherlands, Belgium, China, Russia, Canada and Portugal.
Performed or recorded with a bunch of great musicians, such as Eefje de Visser, Anton Goudsmit, Spinvis, Janne Schra, Tjeerd Bomhof, Simon Angell and Benjamin Herman.


Bachelor of music in Composition, HKU Utrecht.